Fudge At Family Day

On Saturday my company had a family day for the India staff. What fun!

Of course Fudge found the bouncy and just had to play!

We rented out a convention center and threw a party. Food Dancing a live band and a DJ…

Fudge dreams of being a rock star sneaking backstage

Jeff was not prepared to be called to go on stage and present employee awards. But duty calls.. Being one of only 4 non-Indian’s in formal Indian clothing… Jeff was asked to be in many photographs.. Like more than my wedding day..

Fudge found the dressing room.

So when I got to India I was told about a dance I had to learn. A what? You didn’t see my dancing a the Georgia trip did you. But when the big boss says Dance! You ask when’s practice?

Now Jeff feels like a Bollywood Star!

Well the dance went well.. I didn’t fall off the stage and didn’t trip the CEO who was dancing next to me. Well i guess I still have a job when I get back to the states.

I met the families of the employees I work closely with which was fun. I found it interesting that the teenagers in India are a bit like the ones in the states.. That why am I here vibe and why am I meeting this guy! But the young kids were great to meet and most said hi. And some retreated behind mom.

After a day of Jeff feeling awkward I got back and got ready for the trip home.

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