Family Fun!

Fudge At Family Day

On Saturday my company had a family day for the India staff. What fun!

Of course Fudge found the bouncy and just had to play!

We rented out a convention center and threw a party. Food Dancing a live band and a DJ…

Fudge dreams of being a rock star sneaking backstage

Jeff was not prepared to be called to go on stage and present employee awards. But duty calls.. Being one of only 4 non-Indian’s in formal Indian clothing… Jeff was asked to be in many photographs.. Like more than my wedding day..

Fudge found the dressing room.

So when I got to India I was told about a dance I had to learn. A what? You didn’t see my dancing a the Georgia trip did you. But when the big boss says Dance! You ask when’s practice?

Now Jeff feels like a Bollywood Star!

Well the dance went well.. I didn’t fall off the stage and didn’t trip the CEO who was dancing next to me. Well i guess I still have a job when I get back to the states.

I met the families of the employees I work closely with which was fun. I found it interesting that the teenagers in India are a bit like the ones in the states.. That why am I here vibe and why am I meeting this guy! But the young kids were great to meet and most said hi. And some retreated behind mom.

After a day of Jeff feeling awkward I got back and got ready for the trip home.

American Food

Well i decided to figure out what Indians think american food is..

This was the American BBQ sandwich. Well it was pepperoni, chicken, olives, onions with a kansas city bbq sauce and balsamic vinegar.. Can’t say it tasted like subway in the states… didn’t have my BMT

Then McDonalds….

Walked there and was greeted by someone helping people with the self serve kiosk.. Ordered what I thought was a chicken and cheese sandwich… Not sure it what I got..

There was a chicken patty. But the thing under it was not cheese in anything form I had ever seen. Then add some odd sauce and some kind of pepper..

The fries were close to what we have in the states.. Think they use a different oil.

Then the good old 31 flavors of Baskin-Robbins. There were not 31 flavors. But recognize a few.. They were out of the butterscotch ribbon… So cookie and cream… Well served with a cracking wooden spoon I had a few scoops. Not quite as sweet as american ice cream..

Deciding whether or not to try KFC….

Fun Filled Day

Started out the day visiting an all girls school that my company sponsors.

We got a tour. This school serves underprivileged girls who wouldn’t get a proper education otherwise.

I love the artwork on the walls

Art, English, Computers, and mathematics. Chatting with the young girls they wanted to be Lawyers, teachers, One the Prime Minister…

We watched some games .. Some of the employees participated. We did a version of musical chairs.

Handed out awards, candy, and lunch.

Back to the office then a quick drop off at the hotel.

I looked out the window and saw a predicament. This person got his car stuck. I gazed down upon the unfortunate soul while a gaggle of men tried to push the auto’s wheel back on solid ground. I’ll look when I get back to see if they accomplished Sisyphus task.

Now off to Cricket. Not the bugs that the scorpions eat. The game. When I was told we are going to a Cricket match. I learned enough to watch and kinda understand what would be going on.

Well my thinking was wrong. We were not watching but PLAYING…

Gulp.. I need to ask more questions..

Well after fielding for 20 overs. I have a much better appreciation for the sport. Still a few technical questions.

We were behind by a lot.. Then suddenly with a loud sound.. wait that is a SIX!!! then a four.. we need one more point!!! And the bowler threw wide and the cheering commenced !!

In the end I did a few good stops, So did my bosses boss, and our team won with tied score of 147 with one over left.

For those who know what all that means the good for you.. I surely did not know a week ago.

Well with a few bumps that I hope don’t bruise.. We head off back to the hotel, for what should be a great night sleep.

A quick peek out the window and the red car was no longer parked on 3 wheels on the street below..


Can’t believe I couldn’t find my badge… Second day. Had to dig deep in the backpack and thank goodness there it is.

Meetings meetings meetings…

Went to a fun restaurant. The atmosphere was great.. The food good but the ordering process.was designed by a sadistic software engineer.

On the way back to the hotel my boss talked me into riding in one of the 3 wheel bikes/cars. All was going fine until he turned against traffic to make a short cut… Well we did survive…

Back to work

Well time to head to the office and get some work done

One thing to know about me is I am in the habit of almost always having my camera on while doing zoom calls. So every one seems to recognize me. I feel like a celebrity!

Had dinner at an all you can eat BBQ place.. This is not Texas style BBQ…

After a meal.. Head to bed.

More exploring

After a delicious breakfast and a relaxing morning. We headed out in the afternoon to go to Fort Golconda.

Walked all around

Fudge after his nose job was eagerly awaiting pictures

This place was huge. My watch said 250ft of elevation climbed and 2 miles walked..

Since we were there a few minutes before the light show we stayed

Leaving at the end of the show the little were nice

Went to dinner with my coworker and met my boss..

Shop ‘till Ya Drop

Fudge suffered a nose injury so he had to stay in the hospital today.


I inquired about a sewing kit. The concierge said he didn’t have one but offered to have hi’m stitch up. I reassured Fudge that all will be alright. And the man behind the desk gently placed him behind the counter. A few whimpers and I heading out to find stuff.

First stop was an old palace. Chowmahalla it is a history museum from an old palace. Absolutely stunning

The chandlers are LED now. But imagine having to light all those candles.. Then clean the soot… It must be good to be king!

One of my coworkers from the office here posed for a picture

Got sucked in to one of the olde style pictures… Might post them.. Might not.

Next stop – Shop

I had wanted to experience this kind of market and i was not disappointed. Left with a few gifts. Not mentioning them because Alisa will find out.

Well there was this 400 year old structure.. and you can climb to the top. Of course the stairs were a bit odd no two were the same height or width and spiraled to the top. Of course no handrails.. this is not the USA.

Walking down the street came across the rumored Apple Car

Not the technological masterpiece I was expecting.

Had some sugar cane juice and waited for the ride to the restaurant.

After a bellyful of food I got dropped off at the hotel with the treasures I acquired.

Opened the door and Fudge had been released

Yah!! The Trident hotel staff wins my vote

Time for sleep and more adventure tomorrow

Made it!

I need to get used to a few things.. When first heading to the car almost got in the drivers seat.. Oops the wheel is not the other side.

Lots of flowers everywhere.

When I heard people talk about how they drive over here. At first I thought they were exaggerating. Nope My guess is they have traffic suggestions – not laws.

Looking at the first IT building of HITEC City

Got to the hotel. They had security at the entrance searching cars. And i was not used to having my luggage x-rayed and using a metal detector when entering an hotel.. Found out a few years ago there was an armed hostage situation and now many of the hotels enacted these measures.

Also it seems like I am not supposed to handle my own bags. It seems insulting if i carry any thing except the yummy fruit drink they brought.

Then finally a nap.. well a 4 hour nap. Followed by a much needed shower. then another nap!!!

Some co-workers picked me up for dinner. Had some real indian food. Tried just about everything Kabobs, curry, prawns, lamb and some saffron rice. Did find what I considered too hot.. The broccoli! Figures

After dinner head back. A few hours working and off to sleep.. got to make up what i lost on the plane..

Long flight

Being a person that doesn’t sleep well on a plane., makes a 12 hour flight seem really long. it was An 1-2 hour flight nap then a movie . Repeat several times…

A big stuffed bear

Qatar airport was incredible. Found some food.

I didn’t know the next time i would eat so I ate at the first place i found. However Alisa would be shocked. I did not have a burger. Tried a Shawarma Wrap with garlic fries. Avoided the cilantro salad.

With a full belly went exploring. Found out I should have waited to eat later. But i know where I’m eating on the way back through.

That is a bigger cookie then the one at JFK

Oh a Oreo Cafe! They have milk shakes!!! YES!

So did a little window shopping

Well that won’t fit in my carry on!

Also found a Porsche for sale. Really did not expect that at the duty free shops

Indoor waterfall
And the indoor forest.

Walked until my feet said no more and found my gate.

This was the no frills gate. No phone chargers. And we have to take a bus to the plane. Standing room only.

I chatted with someone that was heading the same way. Then the commotion.

Right next door was the gate for a flight to Casablanca. And it seems that about 20 people did not hear the last of the last call messages. I think i heard that at least 5 times. Then one person sprinted and the yelling began. Hurry up! But there’s a lot of folks over there. Yelling across the gate area and 5 more people sprinting.

Then sprinting back to grab the woman and children. Then sprinting back with the with the bags. All the while the gate people yelling “Hurry Up” while waving their hands wildly. Security shows up to watch the spectacle.

They all get in the bus and it becomes peaceful again.

I we get on the bus about 45 minutes later and to the plane. While climbing the stairs I make sure I’m holding the handrail. Don’t want to do an impromptu impression of our president.

Next stop India

Hello Big Apple

Well Fudge was hungry when we go off the plane.. He heard something about a big apple.. This did not satisfy his hunger.

While walking around the JFK airport i did see some interesting vending machines..

Not sure i would recommend opening one while on the plane.. Yet, I saw a dad with 3 of them at walking towards a gate.

It was late when we got in but this is supposed to be the City that Never Sleeps! Well all the pizza places in the airport were closed. Well actually all but one restaurant was closed. Had a cold cut sandwich.. never found the mayonnaise. But did get a big Cookie.

Finished that then back to the gate. Next stop Qatar!

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