Well i decided to figure out what Indians think american food is..

This was the American BBQ sandwich. Well it was pepperoni, chicken, olives, onions with a kansas city bbq sauce and balsamic vinegar.. Can’t say it tasted like subway in the states… didn’t have my BMT

Then McDonalds….

Walked there and was greeted by someone helping people with the self serve kiosk.. Ordered what I thought was a chicken and cheese sandwich… Not sure it what I got..

There was a chicken patty. But the thing under it was not cheese in anything form I had ever seen. Then add some odd sauce and some kind of pepper..

The fries were close to what we have in the states.. Think they use a different oil.

Then the good old 31 flavors of Baskin-Robbins. There were not 31 flavors. But recognize a few.. They were out of the butterscotch ribbon… So cookie and cream… Well served with a cracking wooden spoon I had a few scoops. Not quite as sweet as american ice cream..

Deciding whether or not to try KFC….

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