Started out the day visiting an all girls school that my company sponsors.

We got a tour. This school serves underprivileged girls who wouldn’t get a proper education otherwise.

I love the artwork on the walls

Art, English, Computers, and mathematics. Chatting with the young girls they wanted to be Lawyers, teachers, One the Prime Minister…

We watched some games .. Some of the employees participated. We did a version of musical chairs.

Handed out awards, candy, and lunch.

Back to the office then a quick drop off at the hotel.

I looked out the window and saw a predicament. This person got his car stuck. I gazed down upon the unfortunate soul while a gaggle of men tried to push the auto’s wheel back on solid ground. I’ll look when I get back to see if they accomplished Sisyphus task.

Now off to Cricket. Not the bugs that the scorpions eat. The game. When I was told we are going to a Cricket match. I learned enough to watch and kinda understand what would be going on.

Well my thinking was wrong. We were not watching but PLAYING…

Gulp.. I need to ask more questions..

Well after fielding for 20 overs. I have a much better appreciation for the sport. Still a few technical questions.

We were behind by a lot.. Then suddenly with a loud sound.. wait that is a SIX!!! then a four.. we need one more point!!! And the bowler threw wide and the cheering commenced !!

In the end I did a few good stops, So did my bosses boss, and our team won with tied score of 147 with one over left.

For those who know what all that means the good for you.. I surely did not know a week ago.

Well with a few bumps that I hope don’t bruise.. We head off back to the hotel, for what should be a great night sleep.

A quick peek out the window and the red car was no longer parked on 3 wheels on the street below..

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