Being a person that doesn’t sleep well on a plane., makes a 12 hour flight seem really long. it was An 1-2 hour flight nap then a movie . Repeat several times…

A big stuffed bear

Qatar airport was incredible. Found some food.

I didn’t know the next time i would eat so I ate at the first place i found. However Alisa would be shocked. I did not have a burger. Tried a Shawarma Wrap with garlic fries. Avoided the cilantro salad.

With a full belly went exploring. Found out I should have waited to eat later. But i know where I’m eating on the way back through.

That is a bigger cookie then the one at JFK

Oh a Oreo Cafe! They have milk shakes!!! YES!

So did a little window shopping

Well that won’t fit in my carry on!

Also found a Porsche for sale. Really did not expect that at the duty free shops

Indoor waterfall
And the indoor forest.

Walked until my feet said no more and found my gate.

This was the no frills gate. No phone chargers. And we have to take a bus to the plane. Standing room only.

I chatted with someone that was heading the same way. Then the commotion.

Right next door was the gate for a flight to Casablanca. And it seems that about 20 people did not hear the last of the last call messages. I think i heard that at least 5 times. Then one person sprinted and the yelling began. Hurry up! But there’s a lot of folks over there. Yelling across the gate area and 5 more people sprinting.

Then sprinting back to grab the woman and children. Then sprinting back with the with the bags. All the while the gate people yelling “Hurry Up” while waving their hands wildly. Security shows up to watch the spectacle.

They all get in the bus and it becomes peaceful again.

I we get on the bus about 45 minutes later and to the plane. While climbing the stairs I make sure I’m holding the handrail. Don’t want to do an impromptu impression of our president.

Next stop India

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