I need to get used to a few things.. When first heading to the car almost got in the drivers seat.. Oops the wheel is not the other side.

Lots of flowers everywhere.

When I heard people talk about how they drive over here. At first I thought they were exaggerating. Nope My guess is they have traffic suggestions – not laws.

Looking at the first IT building of HITEC City

Got to the hotel. They had security at the entrance searching cars. And i was not used to having my luggage x-rayed and using a metal detector when entering an hotel.. Found out a few years ago there was an armed hostage situation and now many of the hotels enacted these measures.

Also it seems like I am not supposed to handle my own bags. It seems insulting if i carry any thing except the yummy fruit drink they brought.

Then finally a nap.. well a 4 hour nap. Followed by a much needed shower. then another nap!!!

Some co-workers picked me up for dinner. Had some real indian food. Tried just about everything Kabobs, curry, prawns, lamb and some saffron rice. Did find what I considered too hot.. The broccoli! Figures

After dinner head back. A few hours working and off to sleep.. got to make up what i lost on the plane..

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