Fudge suffered a nose injury so he had to stay in the hospital today.


I inquired about a sewing kit. The concierge said he didn’t have one but offered to have hi’m stitch up. I reassured Fudge that all will be alright. And the man behind the desk gently placed him behind the counter. A few whimpers and I heading out to find stuff.

First stop was an old palace. Chowmahalla it is a history museum from an old palace. Absolutely stunning

The chandlers are LED now. But imagine having to light all those candles.. Then clean the soot… It must be good to be king!

One of my coworkers from the office here posed for a picture

Got sucked in to one of the olde style pictures… Might post them.. Might not.

Next stop – Shop

I had wanted to experience this kind of market and i was not disappointed. Left with a few gifts. Not mentioning them because Alisa will find out.

Well there was this 400 year old structure.. and you can climb to the top. Of course the stairs were a bit odd no two were the same height or width and spiraled to the top. Of course no handrails.. this is not the USA.

Walking down the street came across the rumored Apple Car

Not the technological masterpiece I was expecting.

Had some sugar cane juice and waited for the ride to the restaurant.

After a bellyful of food I got dropped off at the hotel with the treasures I acquired.

Opened the door and Fudge had been released

Yah!! The Trident hotel staff wins my vote

Time for sleep and more adventure tomorrow

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