Bye Bye Beach!

Had to visit one more time
The ocean waved back and it was cold!

Had a quick breakfast and headed to the beach to return a shirt that did not fit. Some how with a buy one get one free with the return we still paid another $20. How did that work?

The gal from the hot pepper shop said Lucy was welcome to come in. So we decided to check it out. Her plan worked we left with the buy 3 get one free special. Dang that is a good BBQ sauce.

Off to visit Alisa’s brother. What in the distance. A Buc-ee’s and we were asked to bring chips.. Guess we have to stop!

I really haven’t had a rant yet this trip. Well here we go….

So when traveling we are a bit dependent on apps to show us where a hotel is. To be sure it is where we want I use the map section of the application. Well found a hotel that looked like it was really close to the brother in law’s house. Sweet. The page said Warner Robbins and 3.3 miles away from the place we are visiting. Book it Danno!

Turns out it was not 3.3 miles but 33 miles in another town! What? Looked back at the app and map. Same thing. That stinks. An extra 30 minutes to tomorrow’s drive. Ugg!

Priceline, why is this so hard? Do you have a QA department? Do they all live in Colorado and celebrated 4/20 too much before the last release?

End rant!

Had a great time at Steve’s house and got back to the hotel at 1:30 in the morning. Good thing tomorrow’s check out time is 11am!

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