Finally to Final Destination!

I dragged myself out of bed at 9 am. Showered opens the blinds to let sunlight hit the rest of the clan, and took Lucy for a walk. Found a dime in the ground by the abandoned part of the hotel.

All the soda machines are out of commission, sadness ensues.

Get all loaded and off to Waffle House. I’m ready for hash browns with everything (but gravy) —-Delicious, even Quincy couldn’t finish, that is a first for a teenage boy!

We need to do some shopping. We are responsible for food Monday lunch. So Sam’s club here we come. Burgers / buns / fixings and ice. Now to find the gluten free buns and hotdogs. Hit a Kroger. Like normal the self-checkout knows my feelings about them and glitches. They can’t help it. Only 20% of them can operate normally when they learn of my disdain for them.

Now finally to Strange Farms.

The dock house

This place is gorgeous!

Had dinner, kids played at the beach and adults chatted.

Going over the schedule, my memory was right. We are on our own for breakfast… We did not bring anything. Finally a good reason to go to a Piggly Wiggly … so much fun to say.

Now I am writing this at sunset with frogs singing. Relaxing. Soon will retire to the Glamping Tent.

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