Head West Young Man!

Woke up and quickly packed the truck. Headed over to the guest house. We forgot to use the bacon for the burgers so heated up a lot of bacon. So instead of jerky -BACON!

We rapped up the encounter with chatting about the next one and a group photo. One of the guys one of the girls.

They didn’t send me the Girls…

Well re-ordered the packaging so we can fit the humongous cooler to take back. Then after many hugs and great to meet you in person, we jetted out.

For those who don’t know Sherwood Adventure got hired last minute on Saturday morning, for the Christian Hunters Association Elk Seminar. So we need to be back to AZ on Friday.

A quick bite at Subway then humming Willy Nelson – We are on the Road Again!

Next stop? Of course Buc-ee’s (you would think my phone would not mark that as a miss-spelling by now.)

Then off to our favorite seafood spot in Alabama.

Oh sooo good!

We then drove to Lake Charles LA. A total of 630 miles today. Only approximately 1,200 to go

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