An Ordinary Extraordinary Day

Woke up refreshed. Had the the same breakfast as yesterday. Beef jerky and Fruity Pebbles. Washing it down with a Mt. Dew. (I hope my doctor doesn’t see this)

We headed over to another part of the property for a snack lunch and a session of affirmations. This is one of the things we teach. Get together and write down what characteristics of God you see in other people. You then introduce yourself and read what people have written about you. Once done we all cheer and chant the persons name and celebrate them.

Quincy was first and was trying to look cool and uninterested. The vail was thin and we could see the smile underneath. It is a powerful process.

We had some free time so… NAP! Only an hour but it was sweet!

Headed back for a dinner by the one of the family members that owns this property. He makes a grill that has a place to sit around and cook and chat with friends. ( this post is not sponsored ) Gather Grills is a wonderful concept. Chatted about if the wheel on the bottom would make it back to AZ if we just roped one to the hitch ball. Figured that was a bad idea.

Started with veggies and sausage. Then wings and steak. Another course of mushrooms and pork loin. Finished up with grilled pineapple.

The conversation moved indoors, because of bugs. Had a relaxing evening.

Back to the tent to pack so we can be ready to roll after tomorrow’s shenanigans.

ps. the title of the post is a song by Daniel Amos. Look it up!

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