Made it to Texas!

Got everything packed and headed out the door. Forgot the Rudy’s cups but didn’t want to turn back… so off to BK!

After a long drive saw the palm trees of Miami. Not that Miami…..

Miami AZ

The sand isn’t as nice and the night life is non existent. So let’s continue.

What is that snow… this is almost May and in Southern Arizona.

Graham Mountain still has snow!

Stopped at a real odd gas station/grocery/true value store… A little bit of everything in San Simon. Then off to spend as little time in New Mexico as I can!

There it is the Texas border. We did it! Did not step one foot in New Mexico. Just the tires touched! Ok I’m sure your asking why the distain for Arizona’s Eastern neighbor? I blame Bugs Bunny for never getting that turn in Albuquerque correct!

Next stop a great BBQ place we found that has outdoor seating so Lucy can join. Desert Oak BBQ… With full bellies we found a dog park so Lucy can run. She found a few playmates and soon was thirsty enough to use the park fountain.

Made it the the hotel.. Time for sleep!

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