Where to, San Antonio or Austin?

The Schmidt clan had a great night sleep. I know I needed it. With all this traveling, Lucy, for the first time, did not bark when someone was in the hall. That helped.

A Texas sized (and shaped) breakfast!

Oh they had my new favorite breakfast cereal combo. Frosted Flakes and Raisin Bran. Had to grab me a bowl. Quincy said the mini omelette tastes like industrial eggs and the cheese was weird. My response was, yes they are industrial eggs and cheddar is not weird just not that not quite cheese, the ones in the plastic wrapper.

As we head east we cross into the central time zone. My phone is un-phased. Nope i’m not changing! Not in as many words but its actions were loud and clear.

Fudge and friend Sunday tagged along!

Fudge wanted to tag along this time, He was not happy last time spending so much time with kitty. She chased him around the house. So he begged to tag along. Then has his friend as a stow-away. Sunday let us know he was with us at this fuel stop. I guess he figured it was far enough and we wouldn’t turn back. Guess he didn’t hear the part about the Rudy’s cups yesterday.

Stopping in for a potty break we saw the sign. The matriarch asked, “Is that sign broken?”

Sunoco in Senoma

Nope pulling into the station the patriarch says we don’t need much but fill’er up!

Almost half the price in Phoenix

So back on the road and the question Austin or San Antonio? Wow Austin has lots of stuff for the puppy.. Let’s do it. We programmed the map app to take us there. Oh 6:58 arrival. Wait, we have that zoom call at 7 in this time zone. We’ll not make it and not have time to enjoy it anyway.. We’ll we go back to San Antonio…. Will have to try out Austin some other trip.

Pulling up to the hotel we picked. The sign said this hotel is “Safe”…. Insert that gulp noise from every Scooby Doo episode. Safe? What kind of neighborhood is this?

Well it has gated parking, free dinner and breakfast. Wife and I grabbed some food while Quincy stayed with puppy. We get back to the room and Alisa took him to the attached Applebees. I hope they don’t pull a Rickey Bobbie…

Me? I get to sit with Lucy, waiting…

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