Day 1

Welcome to Albaquerke Al’s BBQrk E?

Thanks Weird Al….

We left Goodyear at 4 .. Had dinner in Flagstaff Quincy said Chik-fil-a. So the driver hit the Siri button on the radio and said, “Directions to Chick-fil-a.” Then Siri sensing the clan is hungry quickly replied quickly with, “You don’t have an address for Carlos.”

What???? Doh! sorry Carlos.. (you know who you are) I put your last name as Chick-fil-a…. ugg

So heading East we came across Goodwater.. Wow and my soda ran out… Then the sign said no services. Why tell everyone you have good water and keep it all for yourself.

Passing into New Mexico I noticed the road was smooth. For those who followed the other travel tails, I complained about all the potholes. Wow this is nice. Well once in Albuquerque the roads became the pothole ridden concrete i remembered.

Got to the hotel and while checking in, the clerk said ,after mentioning we are headed east. Fill up at this fabulous restaurant down the road. Afterwords- if you want to “brave the food we serve the hours are from 6-9”…. maybe not..

More Tomorrow…

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