Day 12

Day 12

A gorgeous morning, saw some deer out in the front yard. Downed a breakfast bar and packed the fam. Didn’t know when the next meal was coming, so when walking into YesWay the hot food smelled good. What is that a deep fried pizza? Take my money!

It was like a huge pizza roll, and I love to deep fry my pizza rolls.

Now humming the tune above, trying to get it stuck in the groups head. We head for the mash potatoes mountain.

So I think the move was correct, the government would not let you drive to see the other side, and made no mention of the aliens.

However the gift shop at the entrance had all the real info about Area 18!

Then in one pasture Buffalo, horses, and Texas longhorns? Guys this is not Texas. Ate ate lunch at the restaurant across from the pasture and they were out of buffalo burgers. I ate my regular hamburger eying that buffalo. You escaped this time.

Got on the road and headed south. “Look!” I, exclaimed, “Hills, cows, and grass!”

My wife, now of this day 31 years (Happy Anniversary), rolled her eyes and muddled “That’s all I’ve seen for the last 3 days.”

Then in the distance Antelope. Now that I have seen the trifecta, what tune starts coming out of my mouth? “Oh, give me a home where the buffalo roam, and the deer and the antelope play.” I stopped right there because no one joined in.

Finally made it to the rocky mountains, hit the Continental divide. Then hit it again? Oh we are heading east again. I guess we will cross it tomorrow.

Had a late night because we started a game of monopoly. Didn’t finish because it was 12:30 PM. Hence why this post is late.

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