Day 11

Day 11

Lucy woke us up a bit after 5, am that is. The puppy mama took her for the morning walk. Then got ready to go. I slept in. Quincy slept in more. Had to almost drag him down the stairs.

It started raining, I was hoping the first stop was open. It was The Cosmic Mystery Area.

Upon arrival, we had 30 minutes before the next tour started. We get some food out for Lucy, and the young one said, “I’m really hungry!”

“We have Pop Tarts“

After eating half the box in one day, “I don’t like Pop Tarts anymore”

The wise one said, “One of dad’s breakfast bars?”

“No, they are probably awful!”

Then, as coined by the 2nd child, the mommydaddy spoke as one, “Then you are not hungry enough!”

A mildly contentious conversation continued about the level of hunger the young one had.

Quincy loved the Cosmic mystery area. He figured out what was going on. I told him that was the same as other mystery spots. He said I’d love to make one of these.

I at first suggested Sedona, but we might create true believers and start a new religion. So that is a no!

Next stop those big heads carved out of rock. We just took it for granite that puppy could come with us. So Lucy couldn’t come but a quick FaceTime with Fudge, they couldn’t stop that.

While heading for the entrance Quincy was being impatient, I said rushmore did not mean we had to rush. So Q-Dog decided he couldn’t come either, so was content with just seeing it through the window. 12 year olds.

Did a little shopping and eating in Keystone. Then off to Wyoming! Why? because it is in the way….

We found ourselves a cute cabin to stay the night. It was early so decided to grab a pizza, from the only pizzeria in town, that is also a laundromat. I needed this place a few days ago, could have saved me lots of time….

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