Day 14

Day 14

At breakfast someone thought my WebPT level up 22, shirt was from a Youtube channel. Well I’m not the star you think I am. I browsed the things to do in town, I know extreme sports are a favorite now but this?

How do you get the horse to stand in the raft?

Picking up the brochure I see they left out the and, between rafting and horseback. At least it got me to pick it up.

Headed to four corners via a small town on the Colorado river. It felt like we were driving down in the grand canyon. Breathtaking!

Climbed out of the valley the long way and encountered snow! What in May? Is this, Pennsylvania?

Made it to four corners. Quincy had a great time. On the way back learned the Navajo are still very serious about masks.

The dogs have to have them as well.

Got to Holbrook, ate a quick dinner, and finished a game of monopoly. I won’t let tell you who won, but I do get to cuddle Lucy all night.

Tomorrow the home stretch!

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