Day 15

Day 15

Goal for today. Get home. The hotels breakfast was just about like all the others. They did have eggs in a round shape. So a english muffin an round egg and a sausage patty. No cheese oh well not quite what you get from the golden arches.

Siri says 3 hours 29 minutes. Sweet Shove the fam in the car and head through the last forest for a while. Now thinking of what is waiting for us. A angry cat, a 180 gal fish tank to finish, and a green pool. Dang work sound easy compared to all that.

Stopped in Payson for early lunch, A few fast food places with outdoor seating. Alisa only like the breakfast at Burger King and it is before 10:30. She can get breakfast and i can get a burger.

Once in the valley I noticed the gas prices.Yikes! I needed to bring a bunch from Wisconsin where it was about 3.40 a gallon.

Got home and puppy loves the grass in the backyard.

They finally meet!

Fudge is a bit surprised at her size but i’m sure they will have many years of fun ahead.

Thanks for joining us on this adventure!

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