Day 10

Procrastinating caught up with us. Had to buy new shirts yesterday so I could wear something to the laundromat. Well technology failed me. No web site could tell me where I could clean my skin coverings.

So after driving around I decided to do what a man is forbidden to do. Don’t tell anyone, I asked at the local hydrocarbon station for directions.

Laundry Day!

Clean clothes, car packed, headed towards the Badlands

While driving, I was trying to figure out bad things I could do in the Badlands – when in Rome! I stole a kiss from my wife! Wait that is a good thing. Ugg how am I ever going to get all the girls if I can’t be a bad boy! Hmm Sign says don’t drive on the shoulder.. Let’s try that, rumble strips.

Thought came grab one of the young one’s Hot Wheels cars and run it across my wife’s shoulders. Dang he has his headphones in and can’t hear me asking.

Ahh set the cruise at 66 MPH… Take that!

Ok the rona thing is getting out of hand. Well this tree is safe!

Found a dog friendly restaurant with South Dakota food. The matriarch said “Finally, after three days of looking at cattle, steak on the menu!”

Now doing the get puppy tired walk but this time it is starting to rain.

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