Day 9

Hello South Dakota!

Puppy woke up at about 6:45. It was faster for me to get dressed so I got walking duty. She stayed dry all night so yippee!

Both adults and a puppy went to the breakfast, since there were picnic tables we could have Lucy join us. Fun a local church was meeting at the hotel.

The famous pagoda!

Finally got on the road and with Weird Al playing we headed to Darwin, Minnesota. What is in that sleepy town? What does it have to do with Weird Al? The biggest ball of twine in Minnesota.

Called Fudge an he was hoping I could bring it back. Quincy on the other hand, just sat in the car. “I saw it through the window.”

Well it is a Sunday, this may not be the bible belt. But most places were closed. including the Twine Ball gift shop. At least we have our memories!

The local gas station in town made me feel like i was at home. With some sodas and a cinnamon roll we headed to the next stop.

Well lunch time came around and we decided to try Taco John’s. This far north I’m not sure they know what tacos are supposed to be. Chicken with tater tots. I ordered the Taco Burger. Tasteless taco meat on a hamburger bun.

We can definitely say we will not be back. Head west was the command. So that we did!

We came across this sculpture park. It was fun, but some of the sculptures were a bit dark. Got some fun pictures

So back on the road. Saw signs for Corn Palace. What? With corny souvenirs? Yes!

But again closed. Why so much advertising and be closed? Well back to the interstate! Found a tiny roadside chapel

Found our way to the hotel, laundromat is closed for the night… Bought another shirt.. Better be open tomorrow..

Set the camera up to get photos of the Super Flower Blood moon, At least that’s what this eclipse is called. Come back later when I can get pictures off the SLR….

Tomorrow I hope things don’t turn bad.

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