Something Fishy is Going on!

Rough night sleep. Odd dreams.

Got a quick breakfast of beef jerky and a Fruity Pebbles cereal bar and went to the lake right outside the tent to do some fishing. Both Quincy and I caught one. Mine got to shore and my line got caught in a branch and he got away. Well we were not going to keep it anyway so no problem. Quincy got one that kept a hold of the bait until it got to surface and it said – hey that’s air I’m letting go. I guess that fish knew it was wet.

We were on lunch duty and the flys found the small hole that we didn’t on the hot dog buns. Off to Piggley Wiggley. Decided the hamburgers needed slaw and baked beans.. Well silly me says “I don’t need a cart, I’m just picking up buns,” Then ooh pickles as well…. dropped the buns. Now two trips to the counter I have all in bags.

While looking for, and not finding, live bait at, an other store. I got a call. “When should I start the charcoal?” I gulped and responded to the other guy on the lunch team. “I’m not good with charcoal. I hoped you were.” Nope he is a gas grill guy. Well maybe now we decided.

We cooked the 30 burgers made slaw and beans and the group was happy. Time to play.

The only thing Quincy wanted to do was to take a boat out and fish! He grabbed a deep cycle battery and carried it to the boat, then found me a life jacket. I haven’t seen him that motivated in a long time.

The fishing crew!

Well we trolled around the the lake and I got a bass (not that low gutiar)

Again let it go.

We still have no reason to keep it but it stayed long enough to get a picture. Quincy said he knows why people like doing this, it is enjoyable. We should get a boat, he suggests in a round about way. I said “You need to tell mom that! I can’t!”

Well the boating went well, then the supposed to be responsible adult realized. We didn’t use sunscreen.. We’ve been out here for an hour. Wait! This battery has only about and hour of charge.. That is why we are getting slower. Good thing we got a paddle. Hate to be in Schmidt‘s boat without a paddle.

Long rowing story short, two lobsters came back ashore. Well at least we had a picture of a fish and a plan to get the wife to let us buy a boat.

The supper crew forgot the s’mores makings and my wonderful soulmate seemed to know how much I like saying Piggley Wiggley and volunteered me to pick up the makings.

Had dinner then time for the talent show. What talents can the Schmidts show. How about a silly dance to a song thats chorus goes “I feel stupid when I’m dancing / I don’t dance as cool as you!”

Unfortunately we did not win the covenanted banana trophy.

After a bon fire Quincy caught a toad.

Q-Dog’s Toady

He found a small drink umbrella and Alisa and I sang in unison, “Hello my darling. Hello my honey. Hello my ragtime doll.” The older Schmidts laughed at ourselves.

Back to the tent. We have new neighbors tonight. They are a bit loud and up late. I’d go over and give them a piece of my mind. But these are a navy seal team here for target practice…. I’ll keep my thoughts to myself.

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