Red Stick!

Well the driver was tired and grumpy so he did not write this until the next morning..

This morning the puppy was excited to find a city full of red sticks.

Well saying that in french sound better but Baton Rouge is still red stick. Just like in AZ the cold water river ( Aqua Fria )

On the way we saw the sign and Fudge and Sunday wanted to say hi to america’s friendliest beaver.

Hi Buc-ee!

Pulling in to this Buc-ee’s there was construction saying “Coming Soon the world’s largest Buc-ee’s. Once inside it was a bit cramped for a Buc-ee’s

We grabbed a couple of “FRESH BRISKET ON THE BOARD” (Fresh brisket on the board) sandwiches fresh potato chips and more fudge then I should eat in one day,. We stumble into the gift section. Ohh pretty coasters. Got to get some! We eat and head out.

100 miles later the siren call of that friendly beaver is heard again. Look another Buc-ee’s. I forgot to pickup the chocolate covered pecans for the wife… here we go…

Pulling in to the pump I see truck that I saw at the other Buc-ee’s. I feel better not being the only one..

Back on the road 75 miles later…. In the distance the buck teeth shine in the sun…. We were strong enough to pass by.

There it is the eastern side of Texas. Now for the bridge that lasts for miles…. and miles… and miles…. I suppose it is better this way to not have to dodge alligators.

We make it Baton Rouge and Lucy is disappointed that it is not a big pile of sticks. Did make it in time for the free dinner at the hotel.. that is a plus.

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