Where’s the canal?

We had a shorter drive planned for today . So after the free, and same as yesterday, breakfast, decided to hit a dog park.

Found one looked nice. Drove 15 minutes there and it is closed until June.. We are not waiting that long… So pick another, then half way there the person ridding shotgun decided to pick another. While plugging in the address it said 12 hours away? Let’s try that again.

There it is! A very large running area! We got to playing fetch until Lucy was finally slowing down. Now let’s get going.

River Shack you should eat here

Found a hopping place to eat on the Dog river. They have a place to park your boat and grab food. The whole eatery was dog friendly. Of course Alisa ordered chicken. I got some gator bites as an appetizer, Quincy was surprised how good the gator was. Reminded me of Derek (see the original travel tales once I finish posting the emails)

Quincy loved the shrimp Po-Boy

Got on the road again and there it was

Well had to get drinks…

We got to Panama City. Now, where is that famous canal? What wrong country? Now what will we do for the 3 days we are here?

Found us a really cute place to stay in St. Andrews. Has 2 bedrooms and a car park.

What we didn’t know is it is bike week in Panama Beach… Lots of motorcycles. I mean lots of motorcycles…. Need to look twice because they are not following any driving laws.

A little hungry we find Pineapple Willy’s as another very dog friendly restaurant right on the beach. We decided on the bucket of ribs… And we get to keep the bucket!

Must build sandcastles!

Will be nice to go to sleep and not set an alarm….

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