Day 3

Day 3 Route

Packed the clan and headed out to a RT 66 museum. They had cars, trucks, and a old mock town. The leader of the pack noticed a Popeye collection. While browsing I discovered I have something the collection doesn’t have. A can of Popeye Energy drink. Quincy thinks I should donate it.

Had to find this place.

Since the purpose of this adventure is to bring Lucy home, I had to find this, now abandoned, gas station. A victim of Interstate 40.

Of course there are lots of signs for the Cherokee Trading post. I said my thoughts out loud and got a look of dissatisfaction from my soulmate. “If I get a pair of moccasins can I make fun of a person while walking a mile in their shoes?” I guess not.

Fudge was thirsty when he called. Good thing we were at the World’s Largest Pop Bottle.

Did not expect so much soda.. Left with a bottle of Lemongrad – So good it is worth standing in line for. And a Dang! Butterscotch Root Beer.

Who, other than Alanis Morissette, doesn’t love some irony. How about a Tesla charging station right front the Largest Gas Pump?

Hungry.. Need food.. See a sign in the distance. Taco Mayo? What? Are we so remove from the border they put mayonnaise on tacos?

We found the oldest restaurant on RT 66. Too bad it was drive through only today. I am always happy to have a burger.

Oh, says the guy who has lived in Arizona for the past 22 years. A bridge over dry creek. Wait! There’s water down there. How is that a dry creek? Maybe it is like a dry martini. But it was brown water so it would be a dirty one.

Finally in Missouri. See a sign for the next exit.It reads – K PP – ??? Does that mean there is a bathroom there? Turns out there was. Wondering what was at Z O. The people naming these exits may have left the gate open and the monkeys escaped…

Made it to Springfield. A bit bigger then East Springfield where the clan moved from all those years ago…

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