Day 4

Day 4

That was not a good bed. At least my side, was like my last manager at a famous bank, unsupportive. Got the clan in the econobox we call our transportation. And headed to the Fantastic Caves. The only drive through caves in North America. Neat.

While our Jeep in badging only was parked above. A real Jeep pulled a trailer half filled with humans around the cave.

The navigator found a burger shop in downtown Springfield. I’m not sure how you apple wood smoke french fries, but they do. And with a selection of dipping sauces we were out of this world. The burgers wee even better.

Every mile there was at least 2 signs with this excited guy. So it called out to me. I had to stop

A candy factory. The clan’s queen noticed he does not have any teeth. Well after visiting the building above every square inch had candy. Including candy coated gummy bears. Then in the back, there it was…..

Oh….It Calls To Me!

Ok I had to go, it was filled with everything you could ever need from a gift shop. Dorito socks, cactus back scratches, giant green army men, Elvis gear, Marylin Monroe paraphernalia, and don’t forget underwear with questionable phrases on it… I was able to avoid temptation of taking a second mortgage out and need to rent a U-Haul to bring back stuff.

Ok back in the road… but again in the distance the signs called to me. Everyone else was oblivious to the siren call of ….

It is pronounced You-rn-os right?

The room gets blurry…. A memory bubble comes back from an earlier trip.

A few years ago we went to the Hoover Dam tour. The guide took every opportunity to make a Dam joke. Best dam food, best dam what ever. I asked “Do you ever get tired of that joke?”

The reply came with a big smile on the gentleman’s face “I’ve been doing this tour for 20 years and it never gets old.”

Pop goes the bubble, he couldn’t hold a candle to this place… Imagine every joke you can make with the name of the 7th planet.. They had it and 3 more.

Next stop. We stopped at, what is now the 2nd, largest rocking chair. The plant lover of the clan saw someone planting new flowers and had to chat. Once done she found another bottle of diet cheerwine and was ready to go.

The young Schmidtling asked what is next? A sight we have to “see” was my reply. Once there we called Fudge so he could see as well.

The sight that looks back!

“Wow a ball to chase!” exclaimed Fudge. “Wait, that is an eyeball”

“Yep,” I answered. “it is 12 ft tall.

Now a bit concerned came a faint, “That is a bit creepy.”

On to dinner. Zia’s on the hill. We saw it on one of those Netflix food shows about best fried food. Deep fried beef and pork ravioli. They were as good as they looked!

The day ended with the a dip in the hotel’s half indoor half outdoor pool..

Join us tomorrow…

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