Day 5

Day 5

Woke up refreshed. It was worth spending a bit more for Drury Inn. Had a waffle and found that had fountain drinks. So filled up our travel cups and headed out to the gateway of the west.

As we are parking the youngest asks where are we going. We could just see the top of the arch so I pointed and said “there.”

This one is used to his father saying that to avoid answering the question so he asked again. “is it breakfast?“

“Nope you slept during breakfast.“ was the answer.

Then the complaint “Why did we park so far away?”

Pointing to the grass and concrete polls to avoid automobiles, “Because of all that!”

The last time the clan was here we went right in then up to the elevator. Not today! We got there at 9:45. Tram rides are sold out until 12:25…. we will be here a while.

Head to the snack bar and spent way too much $ for the most disappointing food. The toasted raviolis were fresh-frozen heated to thawed, served with a tasteless red sauce. I’ve had better tasting sauce from a Chef Boridee can.

Since we were there for the long haul, it was decided to get the tickets to the movie. It was made in the 70s and it was obvious. But they certainly made their money back for the millions of plays. Don’t get me wrong it had good information, just felt like I was watching re-runs

After getting back down to earth we headed to Quincy, no as, much as I was tempted because of the complaints, we did not leave him the car. Quincy Illinois.

He felt welcomed!

I was greatly disappointed, not with Quincy the kid, Quincy the city. The visitors center, that advertised stuff with Quincy written on it, was closed. The hours on the sign said we were there with an hour to spare… it was locked up tighter than a politician holds a donation check

At least had a good dinner and one more picture. Then headed north to one hour south of pretzel city… Our next stop

Smart kid!

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