Day 6

Day 6

Got the clan out of bed in time for the free breakfast. The young food critic did not like the waffle he made, and was disappointed it is was only fruit loops and no whole milk. My thoughts started down the road – When I was your age we had regular cheerios and watered down skim milk! And we were happy. But that would be a lie.. Cookie Crisp with 2%….

The matriarch enjoyed the bacon and coffee, while I had a waffle and a mix of frosted flakes and raisin bran.. Why had I never thought of that before?

It is a bit scary how much technology seems to know about us. My phone knew the best roads to put me on. Twisty with hills… Remember you are in a bit of a top heavy economy suv… not a sports car…..

Back to the beginning.

My first visit to this city was 19,260 days ago. Yep this is the birthplace of the silly one. While driving around my wife of 11,317 days said, “Looks like a nice place to be from.”

I can’t say I remember much from before we left this town, also known as Pretzel City, when I was around 120 days old. So I don’t know if it has improved. But now, it looks a bit run down with many empty storefronts. But the hunt was on to eat a pretzel!

First Stop

Found this shop downtown, Hours said Thursday- Friday 11-3. It was 11:30 on a Thursday …. no one there.

So Alisa called Pretzel City Bar and Grill. Well they sometimes have pretzels but they are not on the menu now.

For a town that has pretzels every where, you can only look… No eating. I can find more pretzels in Goodyear. At least we have several shops you can buy tires from?

After another hour searching for someone that has something that looks like, or at least rhymes with pretzel. We came across Logan’s… there it was on the menu…..

The holy grail!

Well, it was a frozen pretzel they heated up. And the beer cheese tasted like it was from the time of prohibition, no beer… Well at least I can say I had one…

Stopped at the first gas station, filled drinks and grabbed a donut, that called out to me. Why are Wisconsin gas station donuts as good as the best we can get in the Phoenix valley?

Didn’t plan on it, but road construction made the navigator take us to Wisconsin Dells. What a fun place. Did the go-carts then came across Top Secret…

Don’t let people know

I’d go on for days on this place, but I need to keep it short so the FBI cannot trace your web browser.

After that found mini-golf, of course we did a course. Afterwords phoned Fudge to show him what he can do with the cars after he catches them

I had to explain that our HOA will not really let us do that in the front yard. We hung up and headed out. From Wisconsin to Minnesota.. Getting closer. What’s that. Welcome to Wisconsin? Did I drive the wrong way? About 30 minutes later Back to Minnesota..

While driving right next to the Mississippi River at dusk, a sound of rain drops hitting the window got Alisa’s attention. “Oh, we did hit the rain,” she remarked.

“No,” was the answer. “Look it reminds me of light snow flurries. But,” as I hit the wipers, and the guts of 100,000 bugs smeared across the front window. “Bugs! I’m glad I didn’t wash the car today.”

Pulled into the hotel for the next 2 nights. It is attached to the Mall of America. Tune in tomorrow for more shenanigans!

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