Day 8

Dang it has been a week on the road. Didn’t make much progress today. More like driving back where we came from. Well we did need to get the puppy, and visit a vet.

Quincy asked if this was the nicest hotel he had ever been in. Well no but you don’t remember much from the other one.

While pulling out of the space at the hotel. We noticed the carnage from the bug-apocalypse from the other night. so we decided to wash the car.

Living in Arizona has spoiled me. I haven’t had to use self car wash in years. Still haven’t gotten any better at it, my pants were soaked.

We pulled into the place to meet the breeder. He saw the Arizona plates on our car and said, “ I know who you are. The plates give it away.”

Her first time meeting us.

Got all the paperwork finished went to a grassy spot sat down and played a bit.

she won’t stay a lapdog for long

Got her situated in the car and took off south to Madison so that we can get a check up by a vet. We got there early so we decided to look around for the dog food for breeder was using.

So the breeder wanted us to have a well puppy check up within 72 hours of getting her. Since we won’t be home by then we look for nearby vets that could take a look at her.

Unfortunately there was none on our way to South Dakota so we had to do even more backtracking. The vet was really confused did you guys just move here are you staying in Wisconsin?

Well it really did start raining just a bit. When I turned on the rear wiper, he decided he did not like that Toyota Yaris behind us. So it launched itself at it.Well I guess I need to get another rear wiper. Maybe this one will be more accepting of other makes.

So we got her snuggled in to her bed and she slept almost all day long which is now unfortunate because it’s almost midnight and she’s not tired at all.

Now after about 20 minutes of walking around outside she’s slowing down maybe we can try to go to bed now.

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