Where’s the canal?

We had a shorter drive planned for today . So after the free, and same as yesterday, breakfast, decided to hit a dog park.

Found one looked nice. Drove 15 minutes there and it is closed until June.. We are not waiting that long… So pick another, then half way there the person ridding shotgun decided to pick another. While plugging in the address it said 12 hours away? Let’s try that again.

There it is! A very large running area! We got to playing fetch until Lucy was finally slowing down. Now let’s get going.

River Shack you should eat here

Found a hopping place to eat on the Dog river. They have a place to park your boat and grab food. The whole eatery was dog friendly. Of course Alisa ordered chicken. I got some gator bites as an appetizer, Quincy was surprised how good the gator was. Reminded me of Derek (see the original travel tales once I finish posting the emails)

Quincy loved the shrimp Po-Boy

Got on the road again and there it was

Well had to get drinks…

We got to Panama City. Now, where is that famous canal? What wrong country? Now what will we do for the 3 days we are here?

Found us a really cute place to stay in St. Andrews. Has 2 bedrooms and a car park.

What we didn’t know is it is bike week in Panama Beach… Lots of motorcycles. I mean lots of motorcycles…. Need to look twice because they are not following any driving laws.

A little hungry we find Pineapple Willy’s as another very dog friendly restaurant right on the beach. We decided on the bucket of ribs… And we get to keep the bucket!

Must build sandcastles!

Will be nice to go to sleep and not set an alarm….

Red Stick!

Well the driver was tired and grumpy so he did not write this until the next morning..

This morning the puppy was excited to find a city full of red sticks.

Well saying that in french sound better but Baton Rouge is still red stick. Just like in AZ the cold water river ( Aqua Fria )

On the way we saw the sign and Fudge and Sunday wanted to say hi to america’s friendliest beaver.

Hi Buc-ee!

Pulling in to this Buc-ee’s there was construction saying “Coming Soon the world’s largest Buc-ee’s. Once inside it was a bit cramped for a Buc-ee’s

We grabbed a couple of “FRESH BRISKET ON THE BOARD” (Fresh brisket on the board) sandwiches fresh potato chips and more fudge then I should eat in one day,. We stumble into the gift section. Ohh pretty coasters. Got to get some! We eat and head out.

100 miles later the siren call of that friendly beaver is heard again. Look another Buc-ee’s. I forgot to pickup the chocolate covered pecans for the wife… here we go…

Pulling in to the pump I see truck that I saw at the other Buc-ee’s. I feel better not being the only one..

Back on the road 75 miles later…. In the distance the buck teeth shine in the sun…. We were strong enough to pass by.

There it is the eastern side of Texas. Now for the bridge that lasts for miles…. and miles… and miles…. I suppose it is better this way to not have to dodge alligators.

We make it Baton Rouge and Lucy is disappointed that it is not a big pile of sticks. Did make it in time for the free dinner at the hotel.. that is a plus.

Where to, San Antonio or Austin?

The Schmidt clan had a great night sleep. I know I needed it. With all this traveling, Lucy, for the first time, did not bark when someone was in the hall. That helped.

A Texas sized (and shaped) breakfast!

Oh they had my new favorite breakfast cereal combo. Frosted Flakes and Raisin Bran. Had to grab me a bowl. Quincy said the mini omelette tastes like industrial eggs and the cheese was weird. My response was, yes they are industrial eggs and cheddar is not weird just not that not quite cheese, the ones in the plastic wrapper.

As we head east we cross into the central time zone. My phone is un-phased. Nope i’m not changing! Not in as many words but its actions were loud and clear.

Fudge and friend Sunday tagged along!

Fudge wanted to tag along this time, He was not happy last time spending so much time with kitty. She chased him around the house. So he begged to tag along. Then has his friend as a stow-away. Sunday let us know he was with us at this fuel stop. I guess he figured it was far enough and we wouldn’t turn back. Guess he didn’t hear the part about the Rudy’s cups yesterday.

Stopping in for a potty break we saw the sign. The matriarch asked, “Is that sign broken?”

Sunoco in Senoma

Nope pulling into the station the patriarch says we don’t need much but fill’er up!

Almost half the price in Phoenix

So back on the road and the question Austin or San Antonio? Wow Austin has lots of stuff for the puppy.. Let’s do it. We programmed the map app to take us there. Oh 6:58 arrival. Wait, we have that zoom call at 7 in this time zone. We’ll not make it and not have time to enjoy it anyway.. We’ll we go back to San Antonio…. Will have to try out Austin some other trip.

Pulling up to the hotel we picked. The sign said this hotel is “Safe”…. Insert that gulp noise from every Scooby Doo episode. Safe? What kind of neighborhood is this?

Well it has gated parking, free dinner and breakfast. Wife and I grabbed some food while Quincy stayed with puppy. We get back to the room and Alisa took him to the attached Applebees. I hope they don’t pull a Rickey Bobbie…

Me? I get to sit with Lucy, waiting…

Made it to Texas!

Got everything packed and headed out the door. Forgot the Rudy’s cups but didn’t want to turn back… so off to BK!

After a long drive saw the palm trees of Miami. Not that Miami…..

Miami AZ

The sand isn’t as nice and the night life is non existent. So let’s continue.

What is that snow… this is almost May and in Southern Arizona.

Graham Mountain still has snow!

Stopped at a real odd gas station/grocery/true value store… A little bit of everything in San Simon. Then off to spend as little time in New Mexico as I can!

There it is the Texas border. We did it! Did not step one foot in New Mexico. Just the tires touched! Ok I’m sure your asking why the distain for Arizona’s Eastern neighbor? I blame Bugs Bunny for never getting that turn in Albuquerque correct!

Next stop a great BBQ place we found that has outdoor seating so Lucy can join. Desert Oak BBQ… With full bellies we found a dog park so Lucy can run. She found a few playmates and soon was thirsty enough to use the park fountain.

Made it the the hotel.. Time for sleep!

Day 15

Day 15

Goal for today. Get home. The hotels breakfast was just about like all the others. They did have eggs in a round shape. So a english muffin an round egg and a sausage patty. No cheese oh well not quite what you get from the golden arches.

Siri says 3 hours 29 minutes. Sweet Shove the fam in the car and head through the last forest for a while. Now thinking of what is waiting for us. A angry cat, a 180 gal fish tank to finish, and a green pool. Dang work sound easy compared to all that.

Stopped in Payson for early lunch, A few fast food places with outdoor seating. Alisa only like the breakfast at Burger King and it is before 10:30. She can get breakfast and i can get a burger.

Once in the valley I noticed the gas prices.Yikes! I needed to bring a bunch from Wisconsin where it was about 3.40 a gallon.

Got home and puppy loves the grass in the backyard.

They finally meet!

Fudge is a bit surprised at her size but i’m sure they will have many years of fun ahead.

Thanks for joining us on this adventure!

Day 14

Day 14

At breakfast someone thought my WebPT level up 22, shirt was from a Youtube channel. Well I’m not the star you think I am. I browsed the things to do in town, I know extreme sports are a favorite now but this?

How do you get the horse to stand in the raft?

Picking up the brochure I see they left out the and, between rafting and horseback. At least it got me to pick it up.

Headed to four corners via a small town on the Colorado river. It felt like we were driving down in the grand canyon. Breathtaking!

Climbed out of the valley the long way and encountered snow! What in May? Is this, Pennsylvania?

Made it to four corners. Quincy had a great time. On the way back learned the Navajo are still very serious about masks.

The dogs have to have them as well.

Got to Holbrook, ate a quick dinner, and finished a game of monopoly. I won’t let tell you who won, but I do get to cuddle Lucy all night.

Tomorrow the home stretch!

Day 13

Day 13

At dinner last night we were chatting with local who mentioned the wind advisory for tomorrow. He wasn’t kidding. Sustained 30 mph with 60 mph gusts. We stopped to get gas and I thought the rest of the trip was going in true Jeep style, no doors!

While at a Travel America we saw a school bus dropping off young kids, like 1-4 grade? What odd place for a field trip. Came to find out that the roads closed to the busses and they all just drove here. While leaving a group of high school kids were arriving. Yikes what are we about to drive into?

The hills, grass, and cows gave way to mountains, rocks and snow. At least it looks different!

Found that the route to Steamboat Springs would get us out of the most blustery day the fastest. This brought us to the high point of the day. Rabbit Ear Pass.

Of course the rest of the day was downhill from there. As we are entered the cute town is Steamboat Springs, it was asked of the human back seat passenger. Mac and Cheese or Pizza?

Pizza was the answer, off the the dog friendly How Ya Doin’ Pizza and Eatz. Good food go there!

The hotels in Furita were decently priced so that is the stop for the night. Went out for sliders and raspberry donut cheesecake.

Tune in tomorrow for more.

Day 12

Day 12

A gorgeous morning, saw some deer out in the front yard. Downed a breakfast bar and packed the fam. Didn’t know when the next meal was coming, so when walking into YesWay the hot food smelled good. What is that a deep fried pizza? Take my money!

It was like a huge pizza roll, and I love to deep fry my pizza rolls.

Now humming the tune above, trying to get it stuck in the groups head. We head for the mash potatoes mountain.

So I think the move was correct, the government would not let you drive to see the other side, and made no mention of the aliens.

However the gift shop at the entrance had all the real info about Area 18!

Then in one pasture Buffalo, horses, and Texas longhorns? Guys this is not Texas. Ate ate lunch at the restaurant across from the pasture and they were out of buffalo burgers. I ate my regular hamburger eying that buffalo. You escaped this time.

Got on the road and headed south. “Look!” I, exclaimed, “Hills, cows, and grass!”

My wife, now of this day 31 years (Happy Anniversary), rolled her eyes and muddled “That’s all I’ve seen for the last 3 days.”

Then in the distance Antelope. Now that I have seen the trifecta, what tune starts coming out of my mouth? “Oh, give me a home where the buffalo roam, and the deer and the antelope play.” I stopped right there because no one joined in.

Finally made it to the rocky mountains, hit the Continental divide. Then hit it again? Oh we are heading east again. I guess we will cross it tomorrow.

Had a late night because we started a game of monopoly. Didn’t finish because it was 12:30 PM. Hence why this post is late.

Day 11

Day 11

Lucy woke us up a bit after 5, am that is. The puppy mama took her for the morning walk. Then got ready to go. I slept in. Quincy slept in more. Had to almost drag him down the stairs.

It started raining, I was hoping the first stop was open. It was The Cosmic Mystery Area.

Upon arrival, we had 30 minutes before the next tour started. We get some food out for Lucy, and the young one said, “I’m really hungry!”

“We have Pop Tarts“

After eating half the box in one day, “I don’t like Pop Tarts anymore”

The wise one said, “One of dad’s breakfast bars?”

“No, they are probably awful!”

Then, as coined by the 2nd child, the mommydaddy spoke as one, “Then you are not hungry enough!”

A mildly contentious conversation continued about the level of hunger the young one had.

Quincy loved the Cosmic mystery area. He figured out what was going on. I told him that was the same as other mystery spots. He said I’d love to make one of these.

I at first suggested Sedona, but we might create true believers and start a new religion. So that is a no!

Next stop those big heads carved out of rock. We just took it for granite that puppy could come with us. So Lucy couldn’t come but a quick FaceTime with Fudge, they couldn’t stop that.

While heading for the entrance Quincy was being impatient, I said rushmore did not mean we had to rush. So Q-Dog decided he couldn’t come either, so was content with just seeing it through the window. 12 year olds.

Did a little shopping and eating in Keystone. Then off to Wyoming! Why? because it is in the way….

We found ourselves a cute cabin to stay the night. It was early so decided to grab a pizza, from the only pizzeria in town, that is also a laundromat. I needed this place a few days ago, could have saved me lots of time….

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